cheshire garden design

Cheshire Garden Design

Exelby Developments are a design led business, so our designs extend to every part of your property. We are interested in enhancing all elements of our clients homes - this includes the garden.

Most commonly we provide our garden design service when improving other aspects of a property, so perhaps as part of the design of a new extension, we do however provide a full garden design and landscape service to all our clients.

Garden design service

We know that not everyone desires a full garden design so we like to be as flexible as possible.

You can either go for a complete design of your garden or we can modify or re-design just a small area or individual feature within the garden.

An initial site visit and survey of the garden will be followed up with a fully costed estimate. Once the go ahead is given we work closely with you to produce a final design that has been refined through consultation. The rest is just a matter of skillful and well managed implementation, which we provide through over 30 years of experience of building and landscaping.

Special features

We excel in sourcing or creating special features.

For one client we salvaged and restore an antique wrought iron water fountain, taking it back to bare metal, treating it and painting it - and then making it the center piece for their courtyard. Other feature projects include using reclaimed oak railway sleepers to make a series of raised beds, another involved a custom built gazebo from spruce logs with a hand tiled roof.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you are considering redesigning your garden or require any special features sourcing or building. We will be happy to advise you and if required provide you with a free estimate for the work.