cheshire saunas

Cheshire Saunas

We can add a sauna to your home, either as a one-off project to complement existing leisure facilities or incorporated in to the design of new facilities.

Led by you we can advise of the best options available sourcing just the right sauna to match your requirements. We can provide you with custom made sauna cabins manufactured to the highest standard - commonly using Swedish spruce (best for quality) but also offering Cedar and Hemlock timbers. All saunas incorporate inbuilt tiered benching and also come with easy to use sauna stoves and controls, sauna accessories and a range of sauna lighting.

Steam Rooms v Saunas

Saunas provide dry heat in a wood-paneled room from a wood or electric stove. A sauna may have a small amount of steam if water is poured over the hot rocks, however a sauna overall provides dry heat. The temperature in a sauna typically ranges from 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit with a low level of humidity (ranging from 5-30 percent).

Steam Rooms provide moist heat from a water-filled generator pumping steam into the enclosed room. The temperature in a steam room typically ranges from 110-114 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 100 percent.

Health Benefits of Saunas

The raised temparature created by the saunas produces sweating that opens pores and can temporarily cleanse the outer skin.

It can also help relieve the symptoms of those suffering with respiratory problems and allergies - though in this case steam rooms are thought the better option over the saunas since the moist air will help to clear sinuses and airways.

Other health benefit are claimed - such as removing toxins from the body (through sweating) or weight loss (caused by the heart working harder to cope with the increased blood flow to the skin and therefore burning calories), however neither of these claims have been scientifically proven.

Those with a heart condition should consult their doctor before using a sauna or steam room.

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Please contact us if you are considering adding a sauna to your home or are thinking of adding a swimming pool, wet room, steam room or gym. We will be happy to advise you and if required provide you with a free estimate for the work.